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The Dressage Association of Western Australia was formed in 1978 as an incorporated body to provide top level coaching at a reasonable cost to people of all ages and abilities to assist the development of dressage riders, trainers and judges in WA. The club is located at the Magenup Equestrian Centre, DeHaer Rd, Wandi.
DAWA currently has a total of 74 members and meets one day a month from March to November. Riders are grouped according to horse and rider ability and coached by accredited NCAS instructors. In addition to organising monthly rallies, DAWA coordinates clinics by local and overseas instructors and runs one official dressage competition each year and many training days throughout the year.
DAWA maintains a consistent level of membership by being supportive of and proactive to dressage riders' requirements. Consequently DAWA members have enjoyed considerable success at State and National Championships.


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