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Training rallies are held every month, March to November. Each rally runs on Saturday with a choice of 20 minute slots to ride training tests or have a mini lesson. You can book two consecutive 20 minute blocks or choose to have time in between. You can join other riders and have group lessons with 2 or 3 riders. 1 rider 20 mins, 2 riders 40mins, 3 riders 60min).
Rally attendance is by email to our Rally organiser: dressageassocwa@gmail.com
Payment is by EFT to the Club's bank account.
Rally attendance is coordinated by the Club’s Rally Organiser. Times will be sent out via email prior to the rally.


March 12th Rally
April 9th Rally
April 10th Training Day
May 14th Rally
June 11th Rally
July 9th Rally
July 10th Training Day
August 13th Rally
September 10th Rally
September 11th Training Day/ ARCA Dressage Competition
September 25th ARCA Spring Dressage Champs
October 8th Rally
November 12th Rally and AGM





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