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Rallies are held every month, March to November. The first rally of the year is an Evaluation and Goal Setting day. Each rally runs Saturdaywith two
mounted lessons a day. A demonstration or lecture is run during the lunch break by
an external specialist or one of DAWA’s coaches.
Rally attendance is coordinated by the Club’s Rally Organiser. Each month a member
is awarded ‘Member of the Month’ for their presentation at lessons or helpfulness.
Member of the Month is announced in the monthly newsblast.


March 9th Rally
April 13th Rally
April 14th Training Day
May 11th Rally
June 8th Rally
June 9th Training Day
July 13th Rally
August 10th Rally
September 14th Rally
September 15th Training Day
October 12th Rally
November 9th Final Rally and AGM




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